Action Rifle Fundamental Skills Class

action rifle

Action Rifle is a fast growing sport in Metro Atlanta.  This class is designed to help the shooter increase both speed and accuracy within the skills that are typically required in both Action and Skills US ARMS CoF.  This will be accomplished through working specific drills and introducing techniques that will aid in this process.  The shooter will also receive instruction that will help build confidence and lead to continued improvement.

Topics to be covered in the class include:

Natural Point of Aim, Grip, Stance, Sight Picture/Sight Alignment, Trigger Control/Follow Through, Acquiring Target and Shooting from Various Starting Positions, Reload Mechanics.

What to Bring to the Class

  • Your Rifle and Rig with a minimum of three (3) magazines
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Shot timer IF you have one
  • Dummy rounds IF you have them
  • Water, snacks for yourself
  • Pen/pencil and notebook
  • Portable chair/stool if you will need sit breaks
  • Completed Waiver and Release – Click HERE to complete the form
  • Safety first mindset

US ARMS Match Safety Officer Training

US ARMS will be offering a match safety officer training on Sunday, March 6th at American Heritage Gun Range and Training Center.  Visit for more info.