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UM Tactical UM3(X ) Sight Mount


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The UM3X brings our proven, patented optical mounting system to a greater section of pistols.

The UM3(X) was designed specifically to fit alternative 1913 rails that are non-standard.

The UM3(X) is not a replacement for the UM3. Both the UM3 and UM3(X) fit the UM Holster system.

The new (X) model will accommodate all the pistols the UM3 will as well as the pistols on the above list. We are happy to now have a repeat zero optical mount system solution for a wider selection of pistols.

UM3(X) has the same great features and qualities as the UM3, also constructed from CNC machined aluminum and is finished in Mil-Spec Type III anodizing.


Speed- Installs in under 30 Seconds

Tools – None required

Optics – Shooters Choice, designed so various types of optics can be used without additional hardware. After you’ve installed your optic on the UM3(X) Sight Mount for the first time and find zero, you can remove the system on and off the pistol / firearm and hold zero.

Shooting – Improves target accuracy

Sight – Raised design allows shooter to utilize standard iron sights


Time Saving

Sleek Design

Cutting Edge Technology

UM Tactical’s UMH3 Universal Holster locks securely to the mount system, not your firearm. This allows you to holster virtually any firearm that has the UM3 or UM3(X) mount installed, in the same holster.

We are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with the products made by UM Tactical!
Proudly made in the USA.


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