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Dillon Super 1050 Progressive Reloading Press


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The Dillon Super 1050 has an automatically indexed shellplate, a built in primer pocket swager, and features a mechanically adjustable primer seater. An electric case feeder is standard equipment on the Super 1050.


Small pistol Casefeed plate

.32, 380, 9mm, 38 Super, 30 Carbine

Large pistol Casefeed plate

40 S&W, 10 mm, 38 Special and larger, 7.62 x 39

Small rifle Casefeed plate

204 Ruger, 222, 223 Remington

Large rifle Casefeed plate

22-250 and larger


Reloading with Dillon’s Super 1050 is Easy as 1-2!

Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy their sport, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s Super 1050 is the fastest manually operated progressive loader in the world. How can we make that statement? Simple. Since all of the reloading steps are performed with one stroke of the handle, there is less to remember (or forget). Skeptical? Follow me through the 1-2 system.

  1. Place a bullet on the charged cartridge case on the Super 1050’s shellplate.
  2. Lower, then raise the operating handle. The Super 1050 will automatically deprime, resize and reprime. It swages the primer pocket, removing the crimp from US military brass. It dispenses the powder charge, seats the bullet to its proper depth and crimps it tight. All automatically. Then the loaded cartridge is ejected into a catch bin. All you touch is the operating handle.

Repeatability and efficiency
The Super 1050 is intended to produce large quantities of match-quality ammunition, in a short period of time. Whether loading rifle or handgun ammunition, the Super 1050 will keep you well supplied, without using up all of your free time.

It’s Your Choice
You can struggle along with someone else’s machine, or make your life easier with a progressive Super 1050. If you’re thinking about a competitor’s reloader, before you put your money down, consider this: Dillon will let you try the Super 1050 for 30 days. If it doesn’t live up to our claims (or your expectations), return it. We’ll refund your money, including shipping. The warranty on the Super 1050 is one year from date of purchase.

Rifle and Pistol
The Dillon Super 1050 will produce match-quality ammo for over 35 different rifle and pistol calibers. Priced starting at $1812, the Super 1050 comes complete with one caliber conversion, dies, case feeder, low primer alarm and the primer feed for the corresponding primer size for whatever cartridge you order it for.

1050 Lubrication

Operating circumstances will dictate the frequency of required lubrication. It is highly recommended that the Super 1050 be cleaned and lubed after every 10,000 rounds of operation. Use a high-grade, conventional wheel bearing grease – do not use oil.

Lubrication Points:

  • Casefeed Plunger (#13073*), lube the sides and bottom.
  • Casefeed Plunger Roller (#13498) and Bolt (#13333)
  • Tappet (#12995)
  • Rocker Arm (#13058), cam surfaces and hole.
  • Pivot Bolt (#13296)
  • Primer Punch Base (#12849 – large or #13307 – small)
  • Lube the Indexing Lever Cam surface (#10064) and Index Lever Shoulder Bolt (#13276). With the handle in the rest position, you will see the Index Roller (#10996) come into contact with the Lever Cam surface. The Index Roller (#10996) also requires periodic lubrication.
  • Alignment Pins (#12972 & #13515 located under the toolhead)
  • Cam Guide Bolt (#12486) and its mated slot
  • Toolhead Bore (#20420 – lightly to avoid rusting and/or freezing up)
  • Mainshaft Lubrication – Use only 30 weight motor oil. DO NOT use a penetrating lubricant such as WD-40, Breakfree, etc…
  • Swage Connecting Rod (#13417) and Clevis Pin (#13522)
  • Shellplate lock ring (#20311), bottomsurface to shellplate face.
  • Shellplate center hole. It’s easiest to lubricate the shellplate center hole when changing from one caliber to another. We recommend that you use a droplet of Blue Loctite on the threads of the following bolts prior to reinstalling:
    #13333, #13296, and #13276 (see photos and schematics).

Lube Points for the Super 1050:

Crank Assembly
With the handle in the rest position, on the left side of the machine, use a grease syringe to lube the bearing pin (#11009) located in the link arm (#11063). Then, cycle the handle down to the bottom stop. Again, using the grease syringe, lube the mainshaft pivot pin (#10994) on the left side of the machine via the access hole located 1.2″ above the carrier cap (#11010). Use 30 weight motor oil on the mainshaft (#10999). Towards the back of the machine, lube the indexing lever cam surface (#11064) and index lever shoulder bolt (#13276).

When it is time to lube the roller bearings (#11008) in the frame and crankshaft, first remove the swage rod assembly, swage connecting rod, and operating handle. On the left side of the machine, use a 5/32″ Allen wrench to remove the screw (#13685). Slide the carrier cap (#11010) out of its bore and lube the left-hand side roller bearing (#11008) and carrier cap. Next, slide the crankshaft (#11061) out of the frame from the right side of the machine BUT NO MORE THAN 3/4″. Using a grease syringe, dispense some grease onto the right-hand side roller bearing (#11008). Next, lube the crankshaft surface (#11061). Then, reinsert the crankshaft fully into the frame. Reinstall the carrier cap (#11010). Blue Loctite must be used on the threads before installation, tighten. Finally, reassemble the swage component and operating handle back onto the frame. Lube the swage connecting rod (#13417) and clevis pin (#13522).

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 18 x 14 in


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