Group Training Classes

The Group Training Classes are designed to ensure that shooters first have the proper foundation from which to advance their skills and knowledge in order to become better, more competitive shooters, move up in classification, and have more fun shooting matches.  Secondly, the classes provide information, drills, and resources that the shooters can take home and work on in their own time and at their own pace in order to achieve their shooting goals.

The classes are not just about shooting but also about how to increase confidence and how to strengthen your mental game.  If you enter a class with an open mind and are willing to try a few new things, you will leave the class a much better and more prepared shooter.  If you take advantage of what you learn, practice at home, and engage in the resources offered, you will be ready to move up in the standings and enjoy shooting matches even more!

Group Classes are four-hour sessions that are limited to six shooters, class fee is $125 and requires approximately 500 rounds of ammunition.  Group classes are offered on our training calendar as well as by request.  In order to schedule a group class you must have a minimum of four shooters register for the class.

  • Foundational Skills Class
    This class cover all the basics on which to develop your shooting skills.  Designed for the person just getting into action pistol sports, this class will ensure you develop good habits that will lead to success.  Whether you have been shooting your whole life and just started shooting action pistol  or you are completely new to firearms and competition, this class is for you.  Topics to be covered include: Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Follow Through, Draw and Reload Mechanics.
  • Speed & Accuracy Development
    This class is designed to help the shooter increase both speed and accuracy for the action shooting sports.  Most shooters see a 30-50% increase in speed and accuracy by the end of the class.
  • Shooting Moving Targets & Shooting While Moving
    This class is designed to help the shooter successfully and quickly engage targets while advancing, retreating, and moving laterally as well as extended training in engaging drop turners and swingers quickly and accurately.  Most shooters will end the class with the ability to engage targets while on the move or moving targets with increased speed, accuracy and confidence.
  • Long Range Pistol Shooting
    How far can you accurately and consistently shoot your pistol?  Three yards?  Seven? Twenty-five?  What if I told you that it’s very possible to accurately shoot most standard caliber pistols out to ranges as far as 100 yards?  You may be thinking that I have confused the average shooter for Bob Vogel or Ben Stoeger but I will tell you that you can consistently hit a chest-sized steel plate at distances of 100 yards or more using your standard pistol.  This class will help you solidify your fundamentals so that you can accomplish just that.
  • Mastering the IDPA Classifier
    Most people tend to shoot weekly and monthly matches at a level above their classification.  There are many reasons for this including the added anxiety associated with being “tested” on the clock, the infrequency of utilizing and practicing some of the skills the classifier demands, the 20 yard shots in Stage 3, and, of course, the lack of certain skills and tips that can be used not only to shave time off the classifier and shoot it more accurately but also become an overall better shooter.This class will break down the IDPA Classifier as suggested by Duane Thomas in Mastering the IDPA Classifier, stage by stage, string by string, and introduce skills, tips, and focus points that when put into practice will not only result in lower Classifier times but also improved match results!
  • Action Rifle Fundamentals
    This class is designed to help the shooter successfully develop the fundamental rifle skills necessary to be successful in US ARMS, USPSA and 3-Gun matches. Topics to be covered in the class include: Natural Point of Aim, Stance and Movement, Grip, Breath Control, Sight Picture/Sight Alignment, Trigger Control/Follow Through, Reload Mechanics, Shooting from the five US ARMS Starting Positions and the three Rifle Conditions.
  • IDPA Safety Officer Training Class
    This class is an official IDPA Safety Officer Training Class.  Successful completion will result in becoming an IDPA Certified Safety Officer.

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